WANTED - Stockists of Zimmermann Bereich Bernkastel White Wine - Was sold at Morrisons

Zimmermann Bereich Bernkastel is a gorgeous German white wine which was sold in Morrisons at only 2,99 then 3.09 per 75cl bottle. I have just found out they have stopped selling it and will never have it back in stock as it became too popular!

Can any staff of Morrisons who use this site confirm this please. You are very kind. Bar code for info is: 4 006542 007268

Does anybody know of another stockist of this fine wine please if Morrisons have indeed stopped selling it.

Many thanks to anyone who can help.


Hi Ive been searching the net for you! Can you confirm if it is a riesling? because im not finding much under the name given.

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Cheers for looking alfie. I did exactly the same earlier this evening and could not find it anywhere.

As far as I am aware it is not a Riesling. In fact I don't know what grape it is. The only other info I can pass on from the bottle is "2007 Rivaner Qualitatswein" and "Mosel"

In a search i done it comes up as being sold at morrisons as you said, maybe it is made for morrisons? Just a thought

I have found a supplier in wiltshire, its the only retailer i have found in months of searching, they are called called Swallow Fine Wines, just run a google search using that name. If its any help at all Wetherspoons stock it!

Well I've been saying to the wife for a fair few years now (5plus)that morrisons don't stock Zimmerman white wine anymore,I wondered why..was totally gutted.im no wine expert and am quite fussy about what to chose but this wine to me is perfect..middle of the road on sweetness and spot on taste..my comments are a few years late compaired to all of yours but be assured that I'm exactly on the same level as you on all this..I've never seen it on sale anywhere apart from morrisons..is there anywhere closer to stoke other than in Wiltshire on which someone mentioned..does anybody now and help on this..I miss that lovely taste and strong stuff aswell..
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