WANTED: Stylish Laptop for Chrimbo


    Looking to spend no more than about £350, biggest priorities are that it looks expensive/stylish, runs windows, looks or is new... I'm somewhat tempted by netbooks like EEE's range but it'll be used for doing all sorts of homework on and their specs are a tad underpowered, aside the fact that size isn't much of an issue - a CD drive would probably be preferable.
    I've been waiting for an appropriate deal to pop up on HUKD for weeks but it just isn't happening, and I've been keeping a beady eye on gumtree and fleabay but no luck as yet; admittedly I've only been checking those sites for Apple Macbooks - which very much fit the bill (you can run windows on the Intel based ones, and they look very expensive/stylish).

    I've got a couple of months, should I just hang tight and wait for a deal, or are prices gonna creep up as it gets nearer Chrimbo?


    the Advent 4213 gets a lot of good reviews
    with bluetooth, wireless, web cam and sim card holder all built in as standard

    Stylish is a matter of taste, I like the Thinkpad styling myself and don't like the look of the macbooks much (especially the new ones) so if it is an important criteria some sort of guidance of what you find stylish would be helpful.

    Netbooks underpowered for homework? Unless the school in question is particulaly aggressive with their modernisation that's not going to be the case at all. For the last few years I've been doing a computing and mathematical sciences honours degree on a 5 years old 2Ghz Athlon XP desktop and had no problem running the software so unless you're talking about Art A-levels or higher with heavy photoshop or 3d studio max use then you're unlikely to have any problems.
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