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    Wanted: Tesco School Vouchers/Sainsbury Active Kids Vouchers

    Hi, first time I have done this so apologies if all wrong.

    Would it be possible for anybody who has any spare Tesco or Sainsbury vouchers hanging around that they don't want, could you send them to me for my children's primary school? They are quite a small school, therefore don't get that many vouchers handed in!

    I think you can send a message, and I will respond back to you. Thank you very much in advance. Sorry if this is wrong, but I did send a message to Admin first, and no response, so presume it is okay.



    Welcome to HUKD nickynackynoo.

    No problem with asking - this is Misc.... almost anything goes! :thumbsup:

    (Can't help you out though... ours are handed in to our kids school.)

    Original Poster

    Thanks very much, hope something comes out of it. :thumbsup:

    Coincidentally,someone had a handful yesterday and posted about it here.


    Original Poster

    thanks, I didn't see that message, I'll send them a message - most probably too late knowing my luck!
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