Wanted the best deal on Digiboxes

    Going Digital in August I think and I have 3 televisions that need to be converted. Dont know anything about this sort of thing, I'm a bit old and ignorant about anything technical but cant do without the televisions. I believe the aerials are good, so I just need to be pointed in the right direction to buy good, but cheap, "thingies" to convert them.


    The web site [url][/url] may help you as there is lots of information there

    Here is a page on that site that gives some info on buying a freeview box…cts

    There are loads of Freeview boxes around nowadays, you can even get them for under £20. Places like Tescos, Argos and so on sell them.

    Generally it is better to get a freeview box with TWO scarts in them rather than one as that allows you to connect other devices like a Video recorder or DVD recorder to them.

    Do you have an existing video recorder for recording TV programs?

    If so do you realise that inside a video recorder is a TV tuner, and it is THAT tuner that records TV programs when you record a video.

    If it is an ANALOGUE tuner inside that video recorder (and it probably is) then that will also stop working when the analogue signal is switched off.

    You may need to find an alternative if you do record to video.

    Some freeview boxes come with a hard disk in them and you can record direct to that hard disk. They are often called PVR (Personal Video Recorder) or Digital TV Recorder.

    asda have got freeview boxes in at £16. cheap enough thingy for you

    Alba STB8 Digital Freeview Box - £9.99 @ ]

    One off £4.95 p&p

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the help. The TV adverts dont help at all!

    Personally, i'd use the digitaluk website at:


    purely because it's independent and also not for profit, so will give a little more general advice and obviously not limited to freeview only (have you thought about freesat or btvision services?)

    ill tell u what i did i joined sky then shortly after i realised i was paying #£40 a month for no reason so i rang up to cancel the subscription and then the asked why i said i couldn't afford it hoping it would be convincing then sales woman said I spoke to my manager he will reduce you costs to £10 for the next 5 months. Helped carried on doing it then they realised after a year and a half but then switched over to Virgin !
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