Wanted to borrow/buy: Xbox 360 hard drive transfer kit


    Im looking to borrow an xbox 360 hard drive transfer kit, so that i can transfer the data from my 20gb hard drive to my 120gb one that i have just purchased.

    I am willing to pay postage costs to me and back to you again, as this is a cheaper way than to purchase one off either micro$oft or off ebay.

    As soon as i've used it i would send it straight back to you.

    Alternatively if you have one for sale, only willing to pay a max of £8.80 delivered as there are cheap ones on ebay, however would prefer an official one


    Will update later tonight on this.

    Surely after postage backwards and forward you may as well just have bought 1 if you can get it cheaper than £8... then sell it on!

    Original Poster

    Well possibly. But the postage won't come near to £8 for both ways, and since i will only use it once it seems a better idea to borrow one off somebody if they have one.

    Hi winifer, I have one would accept 8.80 as offered. Official Ms one, CD not even opened. Will check on this tonight again. Can post Monday recorded.

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    Could i possibly see a picture before i pay? also paypal alright?

    Gone PM me your email address, will send you picture..

    Paypal fine, needs to be gift please
    Also check my feedback

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    That sounds fine, just one more question before i take it to pm, is this one where you transfer direct from hard drive to the other hard drive? as in you don't need to put the data onto the pc at all.

    As i know some are like that, and some require the data from one hard drive to be put onto the computer, and then from the computer onto the new hard drive

    Say in guide. Plug the 20gb into the Elite, Connect the 120Gb via the cable to back (IMPORTANT) on your elite via USB. Put CD in. Can only be done once.
    I would recommend if you get it to read the instructions.

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    Sounds good, deal via ppg for £8.80 then?

    Payment received via paypal, also have received address details.
    Will post on Monday.

    Thanks Winifer. Please PM when receive item for feedback.
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