Wanted tom tom maps pre loaded on sd card for Navigo

    Hi there month or so ago i brought my girlfriend a navigo that was posted on here from ebuyer. It came and seemed a nice bit of kit she has used it a couple of times but said the maps and the voice over are not that accurate. i remember people saying you could get tom tom maps onto a sd card and then just put them into the navigo sat nav and away you go is it that easy?
    Now this is the point where you lot come in is there anyone out there that would be willing to do this for me! I mean download the maps onto a card and send it to me, and for this i will reward you as i have money in my paypal ready to pay not only for the card but for your work too! All she wants is a sat nav to help her get places. It doesnt have to have music games or films on!
    I know people will say do this your self but i haven't got a clue what do do even if you gave me the links and how to do it! i really am not the best on computers.
    Thanks so much for reading this and wonder if there is anyone out there that can help.
    Also if i do get lucky will it be just a case of putting the card in and turning the sat nav on? Or do i have to do something else?
    Many many thanks

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    No takers? any advice on what to do and will try and get someone to help me. Thanks!
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