WANTED: Track bottoms

    Looking for some track bottoms to wear on chill out days or wear to gym
    Want cotton (?) ones, not like the modern nike/adidas tracksuit bottoms (nylon).
    Want ones that haven't got elasticated bottoms either & straight legged...

    Blank ones with a logo near the waist or something simple like two stripes on the outside of either leg would be great!


    Sports and Soccer do them style ones if you've got one near!

    .. or at least they did a couple of months back when I went in!

    Not too specific then!

    Daughter hates the nylonny elasticated ones too and recently got straight leg cotton Adidas ones from TK Maxx.

    giles sports do them for £7 -£10 nice ones

    Primark sell theose. SIzes are a bit odd, but they are only about £3, so buy a few pairs. They are great for just chilling about in!

    some great black and red retro adidas 'jogging' ones in JD sport

    £40.00 mind but they are the business
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