WANTED Turtle Beach Earforce X1 Gaming Headphones

    As per the title if anyone has as set of these i'm interested and have cash on the hip


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    blimey no-one has one

    I have a pair in excellent condition the only thing is the mic doesnt work but everything else is in 100% working order.

    Can ship today.

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    i need a fully working one mate really thanks for the reply tho

    out of interest how much do you want for it

    £17 deliverd.

    Not sure if this is for cod 4 but a lot of the top players on that game have like seinheissers, pioneer headphones. those dont have built mics what the do is put the xbox 360 mic around there neck and talk to poeple like that. Thats all I did when the mic broke and its easier that way becuase you dont have to mess around with the mic volume on the turtle beachers then make sure you havent made it so you cant hear the game enough and change the game volume on the beaches aswell.

    Anyway its up to you only about a month old.

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