wanted twin screen dvd player for car new or used

    any one know of any good deals or has one for sale?



    check out your local lidl, they do a set for around £70

    Hi there
    I have a VENTURER PVS19261
    With twin 6.5 icnh screens its multi region play region 1-2-3 for sure only have discs form them regions.
    Has remote and 1 head set come ear phones little ones.
    Its a great little player keeps the niece quiet in the
    Would recommend

    If you like the look of it and go for one i have the region hack for it and would forward it to you.
    Just PM my if you need any help

    I saw something in Asda today - don't know the make or specs, but it was £75 for twin screens. Only noticed the price as it seemed pretty good, but didn;t look any closer as we don;t need one!

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    thanks 4 help have left rep
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