wanted tyres 195 / 65 15 V

    The front tyres on my Zafira are on the way out ... can anyone point in the right drection of a pair fully fitted for cheaper than the Kwik Fit Bridgestones on offer at the moment ?




    Look here
    Must book tyres and pay @ tyre shopper.Fitted @national tyres for you.
    £82.27 fully fitted and balanced for 2 brand new [email protected] national tyres.Discount Voucher: TSLCCL
    Wanli tyres are great i have used more than 30 tyres of this make.
    Order from tyre shopper and fitted @ national tyres.
    I have 2 vectra 150bhp diesels and these tyres hold the road very well in the wet and dry with these tyres.
    Picture of tyres is wrong look up 1063s on google they are nice looking tyres
    If you need tracking done.
    Go to national tyres look @ promotions page and print voucher then its only £14.00 on the day.
    Also oil and filter is very cheap with top quality oil.Book online @national for oil.

    2 bridgestones H rated are £109.92 all in.

    If you order the tigar tyres they come with this.

    Accidental Impact Damage Cover
    If your tyre sustains accidental damage to the tread or sidewall during the legal lifetime of the tyre, ie up to 1.6mm remaining tread depth, which cannot be repaired to British Standard BSAU/159, the tyre will be replaced with a new tyre at the prevailing price minus an allowance based on the tread depth remaining on the damaged tyre.

    Your allowances are:
    Remaining Tread Depth Allowance Remaining Tread Depth Allowance
    8mm 100% 4mm 35%
    7mm 80% 3mm 20%
    6mm 65% 2mm 5%
    5mm 50% 1.6mm nil

    Any tyre replaced under this guarantee will be re-valved and re-balanced free of charge.

    Puncture Repair
    Any punctures sustained during this period will be repaired to British Standard BSAU/159 free of charge.

    A new tubeless valve will be fitted if necessary and the wheel will be re-balanced as required at no cost to you.

    Punctures which are not repairable will be given a discount on a new tyre based on the allowance table above.

    can recooooooooomend blackcircles as someone has already suggested.

    oops, dodgy oo
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