Wanted: Usb Dvb Tuner for laptop

    Where can I get a decent usb tv tuner for max £25? It must have remote with epg, be able to record freeview and would like supplied ariel to give acceptable results. Any Ideas?


    Aldi had a Tevion USB version available last week for either £14.99 or £19.99. Some stores may still have them. There was one left in Gillingham when I looked on Tuesday. It comes with a supplied 4 inch aerial and it's not brilliant, but then again most kits like this comes with similar aerials. I can get News 24, CBeebies and a few other channels with the standard aerial. The USB dongle has a standard aerial input which I haven't tried but I presume that I'll pick up more stations with the house aerial.

    The first part is easy - there's a fair few USB Freeview sticks about - Ebuyer sell one for £15 (without remote) and there's a Freecom from Amazon for £22.

    However, the second part really depends on the strength of signal - but mostly these tiny aerials are useless - get a £5 aerial from Wilkinsons or the like.

    For a good signal on an internal aerial you're looking at spending a bit more on a dual tuner. The computer will take signals from both and transform them into one much more stable picture

    The Hauppague WinTV-Nova-TD is supposed to be good but costs around £60

    I was looking for one of these too and the Nova-TD is the only one i heard good reports of from an internal aerial
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