Wanted - USB to SATA Cable Adapter

    I am in need of the captioned cable if anybody has one to give away, lend or sell. I will also appreciate if I can be directed as to how to get one affordably. I actually just need it for a day to transfer data from a hard drive to another computer. Cheers


    This allows you to hook a laptop/desktop SATA or PATA drive to a USB port.

    I use an identical set when going on-site to customers, for data retrieval. Works very well. ]Link

    This one is the cheapest DealExtreme sell. If you do a search on their website you will find that they sell 5 or 6 different ones, including some really nice SATA to eSATA/USB docking stations, which are ideal for a workshop table.


    Ebuyer do them as well - more pricey that Dealextreme but if you're connecting it to mains power at least its a UK spec one. Works really well - use mine for installing software etc on my netbook....
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