[Wanted] Very cheap 14 or 15" TFT monitor?

I am after a very cheap 14 or 15" TFT. Not going to bother about response time.

Found a 15" TFT @ Ebuyer for ~ £79 delivered. There is a 14" @ PCWorld for £50 but no stock anywhere.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:


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Many thanks Woohoomoo

Seems to be used ones.

£79.99 15" 16ms good contrast + saturation. Worth considering.
3% quidco too.

If it's "ex-corporate" it probably will be used :P

Sorry though, couldn't find any new ones which were reasonably priced. Can't believe it's so hard though because you can pick up a 17" less than £100 and a 19" for about £120.

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Thanks for that seancampbell

I have a very confined space (a portion of book shelf) and ideally, a good 14" will be perfect. Thanks again for the efforts.

Worth giving EuroPC a call? / pressing the call me back option on their website. They often have old clearance stock for end of line monitors and might match pc world price / less?

Though their customer services are horrific if there is a problem.

14" @ Eclipse ; eclipsecomputers.com/pro…=50

One just over the ton @ woolies.. would be OK with ww1 code perhaps.

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Thanks seancampbell Woolies 14 or 15" ones are overpriced. Looks like as the production goes down prices going up. By far, the best deal is from ebuyer - 15" for ~ £77 delivered.
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