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Hi there

My Dad has loads of old videos that he wants to convert to DVD. Now I know I can do this on my pc or with our DVD recorder if we had a video player! But really I'd like to get him one of those combo type things that will do it all very simply.

On Amazon I found a Philips DVP3350 which says it does Direct Dubbing - it costs £129

Then I found the exact same model for £87.60 at Argos but one of the reviews says it doesn't record from video to DVD!

So now I am very confused!! Can anyone advise? I don't want to buy it and then find it doesn't do the job cause Argos can be a bit funny about refunds on electrical items.

Any help appreciated!
Thanks :-)


Looks like this might be the owners' manual (although it says DVP3350V/05):


I had a quick flick through and it looks like it's just a DVD player with a VHS recorder, but I'll let you read it yourself and come to your own conclusions. I think the direct dubbing is from DVD to VHS, not the other way round, and the amazon review says that too: 3.0 out of 5 stars does not dub dvd to vcr!, 5 May 2008 By Phil (Harrogate, North Yorkshire United Kingdom) - See all my reviews not a bad player - BUT I got caught this unit only dubs from dvd to vcr not the other(useful) way round - which is fine if for some unknown reason you want to copy dvd's to tape!

If it is just a DVD player / VCR combi... what's the point in that? Surely that'd have a pretty limited market.

Anyway, hope that helps.

Search for 'vhs+dvd' there have been a couple of similar thread lately.

I replied but my post won't show for a while as my post contained a link (to the manual on the Philips site) and I have a low post count.

Anyway, I think the DVD is just a player, not a recorder and that you can only copy from DVD to VHS and not the other way round. The amazon review says that too. Not particularly useful.

I used to have an AV to USB cable that I hooked up to my vcr. Think I still have the box somewhere, can have a look around tomorrow and let you know the name.

When you say old videos, do you mean ones you've shot or ones you've bought ?

A lot of bought ones have Macrovision protection on them and won't copy, would hate you to buy a machine and then find it won't do what you want because of the videos themselves . . .

Original Poster

Guys, thanks so much for all the advice - I knew I'd get some help here :-)

Obviously I need to investigate this further rather than rushing in to it. I think the videos he has are old ones (mainly about buses LOL!) so probably will copy ok but I will check it out.

Happy Christmas everyone
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