wanted WEIGHTS for ankles or anywhere to get cheap ones

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Found 22nd Jul 2009
Looking for weights for the ankles as me mum has recently had some physio and we are working to get her walking again after 2 years and 2 hip replacements later

nothing tooooo heavy as we are doing some basic exercises to get her muscles built up.

leave any poss offers

or even sites or places i can get some cheap

cheers for looking and if you can help double thanks!!

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the 99p store of all places had some!


last time i was in wilkinsons they had em for £1.50

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the 99p store of all places had some!

no way!! cool if i do get some rep will be left for you mamma :thumbsup:

More expensive than 99p,argos


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last time i was in wilkinsons they had em for £1.50

wow i'll try them if 99p are a no go again will leave rep to both of ya i think i'll leave it now i was worried it'd hit my wallet!!


If fall else fails check your local bootie .... we go every week and they are always there along with the chipped wine glasses and foot saunas!!

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rep added mosskeeto cheers got some finally but thanks everyone for the advice!!

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