Wanted: Wellies under a tenner?

    After some cheap wellies for Glastonbury next week - I know Sports Direct have some for £8 but my local store don't have any in. The only others I can find in similar price range are B&Q for £11.

    Thought I'd stick a post on here in case anyone has a beauty of a tip!?



    what size are you after?


    Asda do them for about £8

    You can buy them at Glastonbury or any of the many village stores you'll pass on the way for ten pounds or less.

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    I'm after a UK10 - I would get them in/around Glasto but I got stung a few years ago when the prices got hiked up as it started to rain! Ended up forking out £20 - bad times. Thanks for the tips!

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    Matalan and ASDA both £10

    Focus stores are closing down, everything is at least 70% off. Our local one had wellies for a couple of quid.
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