Wanted - Wii games around £10?

Hi, sorry if in wrong place, or already a post, I am still getting used to the new HUKD set up.

Anyway, I bought a wii, and all it came with was Wii Sports, It has thus been exhausted by my sister, and I was going to buy her a couple of cheap games, to mess about with.

Anybody know where I could find any games, even unpopular ones, at about £10 or any BOGOF offers or anything on Wii games?

Thanks in Advance, also Merry Xmas



Mercury Meltdown Revolution was posted a day or 2 ago for £8...

wii happy feet £10.99 at hmv

And I think that's it. Games for the Wii generally start at about £17 and then up.

monster 4x4 is currently £12.49 @ Argos


Red Steel is currently £14.99 @ Argos (get this one)


dont know why links don't work

heatseekers currently £12 @ tesco

cosmic familys also £10 at the mo

(cant be bothered doing links if they don't work)

Glad to be proved wrong. Can't say those titles are up to the standard of Mercury Meltdown though.
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