Wanted Wii possibly wii fit and wii insurance

    I need a wii ( console) want also a wii fit for september(will get it now if cheaper) I just rang Game and they said that nintendo have put there prices up £20 so now a pre owned will cost me £179.99 instead of £149.99

    I really wanted to get it from game because of there insurance ie just take it to store to get it fixed or replaced. Does anyone know where i can get the same insurance?? if i get a secondhand one to insure it. should i bother with insurance? or just on home insurance?

    So if i havent lost you already, i need the cheapest way to get a wii n wii fit new or secondhand with or without insurance from some place???

    Thankyou in advance i appreciate it


    You can get the same insurance from Gamestation but I'd imagine since they are the same company that the prices are the same.

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    The Wii is only £176 new from amazon anyway.

    yes i know but do you know of anywhere i can get insurance from like i can Game ?

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    What about this? its pre owned and £20 cheaper with a game than without at £129.99 ?? do they do insurance online? i cant find out anywhere online…et/

    HMV do good console insurance they cover for accidental damage etc for 3 years for a 1 off payment (saw a leaflet in my local branch at the weekend). also they have on their web at the mo brand new wii with wii fit for £214 which doesnt sound to bad. link is…les

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    i ended up getting a wii and mario kart n wheel for £130 from gamestation

    Wii's very rarely breakdown, I wouldn't purchase any extra insurance for it(if you have already done so, cancel it as you have 14 days cooling off period).

    Use the S.O.G.A if it breaks down.


    so previously a pre-owned one was £149.99. Nintendo added £20 to the RRP and now its £179.99? Call me old fashioned but someone's maths is pretty grim
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