WANTED Wii Sports

    As above wanted wii sports, no need for it to be in hard case, daughter left hers at hotel and now they can't find it.

    not sure how much it cost as it comes with the wii i'll say £10 but i'm sure if i'm being unrealistic people will let me know :-)


    Have a look at item # 170306039951 on Fleabay, currently only 99p + £1.00 p&p with only 21hrs to go.

    Also item #320343802223 99p + £2.99 p&p

    as mentioned ebay is a good bet to try and grab one cheap or you could try cex but not sure how much they sell them for.

    I ended up selling my copy on's playtrade for £25 a while back

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, but i'll try here as well so if anyone has one :-)

    i have 1
    i'll ask the kids later if they want to sell and get back to you:)

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    that would be great underthestairs

    just looked on *bay and they're going for about £20 plus postage
    could do it for £18 delivered ??????
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