Wanted Wireless for pc and questions please

    Hi i got my pc sitting around doing nothing, thought ild use it for my kids. i have my laptop in a wireless router...can i plug my pc in aswell? if not would i have to get a wireless reciever? if so where from? Also i have a windows disc that i paid over £100 for a few years ago and i have lost the code! Can i get one form somewhere? As my pc wasnt connecting to internet i need the disc to re-install windows. Without that code i cant do anything

    Would really appreicate any help!


    Depending on the model of wireless router you have you should be able to plug the pc directly via a wire as long as the pc has a network card. you could always install a wireless network card into the pc and use in the same way as your laptop.

    you should be able to plug your pc in through the ethernet port at the back, If you have an already wifi pc you will be able to connect it wirelessly, If it is not wifi ready you can buy a dongle that connects to your usb, lots of places sell them not sure who the cheapest and best are but there not expensive.

    If you need to get a wireless network card for your PC you have the choice of PCI or USB. The USB option will be easiest to install but if you don't mind taking the back off your PC and putting a new card in then PCI will probably be more reliable.

    If you do buy a wireless card I'd recommend sticking with the same brand as your router so that if there are any problems you won't get each manufacturer blaming the other one for some incompatibility. I had a lot of problems getting a Netgear router working with a Belkin wireless USB adapter. Neither company would accept that their product was at fault. When I used a Netgear USB adapter everything started working correctly.

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    ok thanks guys! What about the windows disc problem ?

    My son has just P*ssed on my laptop!!

    Chances of getting a Windoze license for a disk are remote. Usually Windoze comes with a PC and the code is often on a sticker on the PC (usually underneath if it is a laptop). How did you get your Windoze disk?

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    I bought a tower unit off ebay and it came with no windows .... i had to take it to a shop to put windows on they charged me something £116 to pu ton and for the disc that was about 4 years ago and i have had a couple of pc's since then and put the code on a disc cover but now lost the cover due to lending it out

    If you loaned it out chances somebody else has used the code. What version of Windoze was it?

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    Many people have used it, it's Windows XP disc.

    How did you get away with that? I thought that XP codes locked after they were used several times?

    I doubt you will find a code for it. I wouldn't have thought that anybody would post a valid XP install code on the web.

    If you have students at home it might be worth searching for a cheap student edition of XP or Vista.

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    no xp discs dont spod

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    Got a code thanks! and ive got internet connection now! hopefully when ive reinstalled windows the internet explorer will work and show web pages! HOPEFULLY!!
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