Wanted: Wireless Network Extender

    hi, i really need a wireless extender as my router hardly reaches my room and its constantly disconnecting for some reason

    its become a real pain in the ass lol

    has anyone got a good recomendation?




    Buy one of those N routers and the computer card or usb stick to go with it. Good signal range and also probably wipe out the next door neighbours wifi if they have it

    pcworld also sell derivatives of these, if you only need broadband speed then buy the cheaper 14mbps ones.
    Just plug one of these near the wifi router and then network cable the router to it. Do the same from your computer to the other one in your room.
    BTW. You will need the twin pack, don't forget about that!

    Thanks for ths INFO rep left. I also needed something like this as my BT network is PAP wireless!!!

    d-link do some very reliable routers at a rather good price.

    but first can i suggest that you upgrade the wifi antenna if it is a low signal that your getting.…3m8
    don’t forget quidco if you decide to go for it.

    Before splashing the cash, try to reposition the router.
    Try to set the router to use a different channel in case there is channel interference.
    Reposition the aerials on the router.
    If you need longer range in one direction, try this:…tml worked great for me.
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