WANTED - Xbox 360 12 month live subscription

    Hi all I am looking for a cheap 12 month subscription to Xbox 360 Live (UK)

    Any help would be welcome as i am a bit broke at the mo.

    Under £30 is a must

    Under £20 would be a great help.


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    Have you used this site looked a bit suspect to me


    Yeah i would not buy anything from that website if i was you...looks a bit fishy to me

    site looks dodgy but alot of people on here have used it and had the code in a couple of hours.

    alot of people have asked this before, a quick search would have found what u was looking for.

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    Hay thanks for the advice - Search Whats That :thumbsup: - Why So Serious?

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    Still looking as not taking a chance with a site like that, the guy says that he can sell them cheap as he has no overheads but after talking to a agent at microsoft you would have to bulk buy thousands to get them at a trade price below £25 each.

    Any others ?

    Saw that play asia had some but will the us ones work on uk console

    Ask on the xbox forums. Lots of people have said theyve ordered from the jasper website and had their codes fine.


    Hay thanks for the advice - Search Whats That :thumbsup: - Why So Serious?

    sorry mate wasnt meant to sound serious. ebay do them for 25 also i got mine off there:thumbsup:

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    Might give it a go as can always disput it on Credit Card if it is a scam

    I used the Jasper site the other day and the code was with me within a few hours (check your spam box if it doesn't come through)


    The jasper site has known set up affliate links with amazon. They are as legit as HUKD are


    Mraconnor, you said the only way someone would be able to sell for that price if they bought 1000's of cards, maybe you should check the picture page there are 15,000 plus cards in one picture, how many you need in one picture 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 40,000. I'm just curious at what number of cards in one picture would put to rest all the doubters. Serious question because if I need to put 50,000 in one shot to never see a post like this again I will do that.

    I'm going to need a bigger table.

    Foosball Chum;2672202

    How does £25 do you

    I can definitely recommend this. I would use him again. Got my code instantly. :thumbsup:

    I used the Jasper site, got the code a couple of hours later .... and the code was not valid.
    After emailing him a couple of times, he sent me the new code which just happened to be a typo so would definetly recommend.


    Sorry to be an idiot but once I have the code where do I input it?

    Cookie666, I may not be much help I'm afraid as I'm not a gamer - my hubby & kids are!
    All I know is that son signed in last night, think he went to market place on xbox live and there you can see where it says "redeem code".
    Sorry for not being very helpful.

    Cheers, tried that must have a code with a typo...................
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