Wanted. Xbox 360 Arcade with HDMI.

    I'm looking to get a Xbox 360 to use as a DVD player. I don't want any games with it so just the basic package will do. Anyone know of any cheap deals for the Arcade version with HDMI. If I can find one I'll be selling the AV cable,wireless controller and memory card that comes bundled with also.




    why get a 360 JUST to use as a DVD player??

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    I was waiting for that. The sideboard where the DVD player is going to go is quite narrow so most DVD players I've measured up won't it. The one's that do are cheap and nasty and don't have a HDMI output. My older 360 fits perfect and not only that, it plays pretty much most formats you throw at it and it plays avi. straight from a USB flash card.


    ah fair enough then. Have you seen the Elite deal? sell the HDD alone for £60 at will work out cheap…tho

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    Just seen that offer. Looks really good. With the £30 code, that takes it down to £149. I suppose I could sell the 120 HD, wireless controller, and headset to make a few extra quid.


    if you get

    £60 HDD
    £25 Controller
    £5 Headset

    thats like £60 for the Elite

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    You could be right there! I've got a 360 myself but my wife has summonds me to the basement with it. I've got it all set up wireless to my router and hooked connected to Xbox Live. I'm thinking on the odd occasion I am allowed to leave the basement, it's just a matter of taking my 20 HD from my Xbox and slotting it into the new Elite Xbox which is connected to our new 42".:thumbsup:
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