WANTED - XBOX 360 Elite Console - Cheapest Pack (No bundle rubbish!)

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Found 21st Jul 2008
My friend wants to upgrade his Premium 360 to an Elite, we've seen the Blockbusters thread but it's still a lot of money (£130!!).
So ideally he wants to buy the Elite, transfer his data from his old 20GB to the new 120GB, then sell his Premium.

So just require a new 360 Elite from a shop & without loads of rubbish added as a bundle, it has to be new and the new Falcon Chipset+HDMI.

Best prices & links wanted please :-)


play.com seem to be the best at the minute.

But he's gonna spend @ £250 on the machine on its own so he needs to sell his premium for £120 upwards to better that deal and new premiums currently sell £170 (HDMI) with full warranty. Then he runs the risk of the seller turnng up next day claiming rrod he's also to go through the hassle of advertising/asking about and paying fees if he uses an auction site so is it worth the hassle time and grief for an extra few £ ?

His choice obviously maybe he's got the time to do it that way but that was what i factored into the equation when i did this deal...it's also less to outlay and no sweating on a sale to recoup funds...

You'd be unlucky to find a non falcon chipset elite now, check the white sticker on outside of box first thou if it says Team FDOU and Lot #738 upwards then he'll be fine (mines lot #818). Buying in places like Gamestation or Game etc who have fast turnaround will ensure its not an older model that has been sitting in a stock room at the back gathering dust....

I can't find any cheaper either, probably best waiting for a nice discount code to appear from somewhere then jump right on the deal!
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