Wanted: Xbox 360 Receipt to extend warranty

    Hi, i am looking for anyone who would want to give me their recent receipt which they got with their xbox 360 core. I originally bought mine from comet on 13/05/2008 and when i called xbox they said, your warranty has expired even though it has not, and asked me to send them a receipt. If i send them my original receipt then i will have warranty for the next 2 months. So for anyone out there provide me with any help like changing the date on the receipt when it was purchased or generously provide me their would be really great.



    why do you need to change the date on the receipt? just send it to them

    now thats just silly... Your xbox is still under warrenty for 2 months? send it in now and it wont break for another year or 2, maybe never again!

    It is probably not legal what you are asking here and could be very well tracked down using the serial number of your XBox which might lead to accusation of fraud.

    what is wrong with it anyway? Can you not just take it back to comet to get it exchanged. When my 360 got RROD I took my 360 back to currys and they replaced mine there and then.
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