WANTED: XBOX 360 wireless adapter for trade Call of Duty 4 & Burnout Paradise

Found 3rd May 2008
I will trade these 2 (Call of Duty 4 & Burnout Paradise) excellent condition 360 games, owned from brand new for a brand new/good condition 360 wireless adapter (genuine) including postage.

I know I could use my laptop, but my router is fussy. I need an OPEN nat to play online properly so I need this adapter.

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Can someone move this to the right place, I screwed up
Just to check have you opened all the ports on your router?? Unless you open these you will not have an open nat.
Basically, I have a BT homehub. Latest firmware, I can get open NAT if I run a long cable through to it. I have a D-Link access point that extends my wireless connection to another part of my house where I also have my 360 console etc. The problem is connected wired to the router the otherside of the extended network causes my NAT to be closed. If I can try and connect with wireless maybe I will get an open NAT. I'm not playing Pardise or COD4 anymore now since GTAIV is here.
just buy a belkin gaming adaptor?, it will work MUCH better the the ****** 360 one and is also future proof as it will work with ALL ethernet items.

if not I will trade with you (I have a belkin gaming adaptor).
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