WAnted - Yugioh Cards

    Hi looking for any unwanted yugioh cards tht people my have lying round the house and are usused t hopefully cut price deals.
    Only official Konamii cards please, no fakes!
    My brother is an avid collector and he asked me to help him look for some new cards, any offers welcome


    got thousands of the things here. will have a word with my son when he's home and see if i can get him to part with them.
    he never uses them so shouldn't miss them.

    My kids have piles of them from when they collected them. Will check to see what they have and let you know.

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    thanks, just let me know when you guys can.
    IF you can also let me the know in terms of pics would be much apprciated

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    anyone else?

    sorry! he really don't want to part with them

    hi dude,im seeling some here
    a few rares,1 worth over £20 but i dont want that much for the lot…86/

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    sorry abit late, forgot my password! ermm hw much you looking for?

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    MOD CLOSE THIS WANT< I CANT SEEM To Do IT. Thanks in ADvance
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