wanted:business cards for joinery advertising

    my dad wants to advertise his business,he wants a load of business cards making,i will design it,but i need someone to print them off and make them in the right size.anyone got any as possible please,was it me or did i see something on the deals page about free business cards


    try ]HERE


    try ]HERE

    .......and if you order via quidco you will receive £2 cashback

    Go and register with [url][/url].

    I registered and i've been inundated with offers for free calenders, business cards etc.

    This is what it says on the quidco website Our feature offer of 250 FREE business cards is unique and very popular with a variety of users. Now you can earn £2.00 for every order of FREE business good quality too.

    Oh, just noticed that the other suggestions were vistaprint too! Oh well, i'm new!!

    Welcome to HUKD Karen
    I've used Vistaprint for my Business cards, good quality cards, but use a disposable email address when you order from them. They spam you to death,

    lol kAREN. I've done that too a few times.

    Welcome to HUKD.:)

    I have used them too. Postage costs can be a bit hefty, so beware

    Thank you for my nice greeting! One feels such a prat when you post something and realise someone has just said the same thing!!
    I can't tell you how much I love this site!! In fact, i have become a bit obsessive about it. I come and look at every opportunity and have got so many bargains! I keep pushing the rest of my family off the computer just to get to this site!
    Thing is, by the time I have found one, someone else has already posted it!

    Hi, i`m self employed and have used vistaprint loads for business cards and things like xmas tickets (used their postcards with own design) pay for postage which works out at roughly £8 for 250 full colour biz cards. The only drawback is on the blank reverse they put their website address in small wriitng as a form of free advertising BUT a lot of the time you can upgrade to their premium biz cards (with a completely blank reverse) for only a quid or so.

    ALSO i have found that using their American site rather than the UK one gives better value for money when the xchange rate is factored in. HTH
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