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Found 17th Jan 2010
Anyone any idea how much a full house re-wire will cost.

2 bedroom terrace!

7 rooms total.


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My Mum and her partner buy properties to do up and sell and he rewired the last one himself. He bought a book on how to do it... It took a while, but we had it checked by an electrician and it passed all the relevant tests and stuff (not sure what they're called!) and worked out a whole lot cheaper than getting someone to do the whole thing!! Depends how confident you are with DIY!

A bloke I know has just paid £3700 :shock:

Pretty sure thats more than 2 bed though.

we just got ours done,dunno how much it cost, my dad wont tell me, but its a 5 bedroom detatched house, over 3000sq feet lol glad i dont have to pay for this **** lol

An absolute sh*t load.

£1977.49 plus vat

Phone a few electricians, and get them around to give quotes.
A zany idea, but it just might work.

I paid £2000 for a three bed semi, ask what they can do if you pay cash, usually gets down to 15-20% less

As a NICEIC Qualified Supervisor & Part P Duty Holder I would advise you to sketch out where you want sockets, tv/telephone/data outlets, light switches, lights, etc.
Consider lowering switches and raising sockets to meet Part M Building Regs (and will let young children operate light switches safely).
Remember if a room has 2 or more ways into it then 2-way lighting switches at each entrance is a safety issue.
Add 25% of light fittings to be dedicated energy efficient (normal bulbs won't fit such).
Don't forget the fire detection system that must be part of any full rewire.
Make allowances for bathroom, kitchen and toilet extractor fans (to meet Part F Building Reg's).
Decide what make electrical fittings you require.
Decide whether you want all circuits to be individually RCD (RCBO) protected or half the circuits protected by one device and the other half protected by another
Then get quotes from electricians on the basis of the specification YOU provide - this then reduces the possibility of one quote being lower than another quote simply because one electrician has quoted for 3 less socket outlets than the others!
DIY-ers don't get the up to 6 year insurance underwritten guarantees I provide for works I undertake all over England and Wales.
DIY-ers don't get the 30 year span of experience I have within electrical/mechanical/construction industries.
DIY-ers Do want their job to be a reflection of good trade skills and many self-builders I work with achieve such and more through undertaking their projects with a registered electrician as supervisor.

£2000-3000 plus replastering and re-decorating when finished around £4000 - £5000 total
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