Wanting a 42" TV for around £600 (give or take) Any suggestions of which and where from?

I'm wanting a 42" TV for around the £600 mark, maybe a little higher if needed but not too much.
It's for watching sky digital standard definition for now with a probable upgrade to HD in the future, watching upscaled DVDs and playing on the Wii with HD cable (cant beat a bit of Wii fit can you)
Its for in my bedroom where the blinds are pretty much always closed or half closed so the TV would never be in direct sunlight and would be pretty dark most of the time, im not sure if that makes a difference or not.
Viewing distance would be the length of my bed plus say another 3 feet to the TV so whats that? 9 feet?

I was looking at a panasonic plasma TX-P42S10 which I've seen for £650. I'm not sure if that is a good TV or not or if its a good price. I was under the impression that plasma was better for my needs though due to the dark, SD and fast moving images but when I phoned Richer Sounds up they said LCD is better because of screen burn (i thought this was marginal now though).

Any help anyone please? I asked on avforums and got promptly ignored lol

Thanks a lot


I just bought a 42" Foehn and Hirsch from Ebuyer great television with a three year guarantee. It is full Hd and is £415.00 at the moment

I recently bought a Panasonic 42" P42S10B from Tec 7. I love it - very good TV.

This (below) is a better model (P42G10B) for the same price:


I have a 42" Panasonic Plasma

It has all the bells and whistles

I searched for the cheapest price and then got Lewis's to pricematch.

I got a 5 year g'tee and free delivery for the same price as the cheapest price elsewhere (this excluded dely and the 5 yr g'tee, but it's standard on all Lewis's TV's)

Just had sky HD fitted and the engineer said that the TV would be fine (and it is)

Freesat on it too for when the sky package ends

Good luck


PS think I got my P42S10B for £600.00. M&S were doing the P42G10 for a good price but were always sold out.


There ya go

Lewis's should match the prices and offer a 5 yr g'tee too


Shows as being £589.95 with another £59 for a 5 yr g'tee

JL should do this for £589.95 inc the g'tee and del'y

Let us know how you go on



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Thanks everyone for your advice, i've sent an email off to John Lewis asking if they will be able to price match Richer sounds on the P42S10 for £589.95 though when I called richer up they werent entirely sure whether they had them in stock so i've also included crampton and moores £599 price and information in the email. If they can't price match one i'm sure they'll be able to price match the other, hope so anyway.

Thanks again for the advice

Original Poster

Hi all, just a quick reply to say that after I had to send a second and third email to john lewis chasing this up they've just got back to me to say that they no longer stock this TV (they definetly had some in stock when I originally asked them to price match)

Excellent customer service...

Any other suggestions please?
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