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Found 4th Dec 2017
Hi, I'm after a men's bike needs to have brake disk and needs to under £100 not looking for anything fancy just for the hubby to ride to work and back. also looking for discount codes to go towards it. MUCH APPERICTED.
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Hi, The fact you want disc brakes makes it harder to find something in your price range, the other issue is who will assemble the bike, most catalogue or supermarket bikes need assembling, Also it does not matter if you buy cheap or an expensive bike the gears and brakes will all need setting up and adjusting correctly or you will more than likely find it does not change gear smoothly etc. Do you have the tools and know how to do these jobs correctly as some are also safety related, you don't want a pedal falling off or handlebar stem coming loose why riding in traffic. I understand you want a budget bike which there is generally nothing wrong with if you know some bike maintenance etc, one of my mountain bikes was £30 from Woolworths in 2008 when they were going out of business and still going strong.

The fact that you want disc brakes and I assume suspension does mean you are looking at cheap components at this price range. I would at least avoid cheap rear suspension bikes, he will be wasting most of his energy bouncing down the road rather than getting upto speed for his work commute.

If you really are on a budget then I would suggest at least getting one from the likes of halfords, at least they will assemble and repair\replace parts in the first year, all included in the price. Plus a free bike check after 6 weeks which includes resetting the gears and brakes etc as the bike runs in. halfords.com/cyc…asc
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thank you South Wales I will check Halfords out in the morning
tbh less than £100 you need to look at used.
Halfords do a basic Ridge mountain bike for £90. Components are entry level but by keeping the bike simple most people seem to be happy with it. No disc brakes but V brakes are fine and a big improvement on cantilever/caliper type of older generation bikes and some current entry level road bikes.

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