Wanting a Pug Dog Puppy.

    I am considering having a Pug dog when I'm older, I know...I know... butt ugly things. But I think they're cute, they're just the right size dog for me.

    I have done research on the breed but don't know anyone who owns one so wondered if anyone here has one or knows someone who has one.

    I would like a rescue one, but puppies are hard to come by in rescue centres. I'm not bothered about paying for a pedigree and have heard that a pug which is not fully pedigree is less likely to have the respiratory issues of the pure breeds. I would not wish this on an animal so would like to avoid this if possible.

    Any experienced pug owners out there?


    Pug info here.…php


    Pugs both snort and fart
    Due to their button-nose, Pugs also tend to snort a lot. But as long as your Pug breathes without any problems, the snorting is normal. Pugs also tend to pass lots of gas. Ever heard of Weapons of Mass Destruction? You will if you decide to get a Pug!

    Guide to Helath Concerns here…php

    Have fun

    I would love a pug dog, they are so adorable!

    The only thing that concerns me, like you, is their respiratory problems. Although I have a persian which is like a cat version of a Pug and she has never had any breathing problems despite having the smallest and flattest nose in the world (although she does sneeze constantly and snores really loudly!)

    hi i breed pugs, they are great if you get a good one. but i am afraid in my experience you do get what you pay for especially with this breed. be very careful and take time to find a good one.

    ideally ask people who have a good one where they got it. maybe out walking theirs. breeders are keen on telling you what you want to hear, so beware. they want your money.

    mine dont really snort but i have great ones. i have to have as i live in NI and rely on return trade and referrals. they do fart but no worse than most dogs. what you feed them and when you feed them has more to do with it than anything.

    its hard to get a rescue pug and unless you are experienced i wouldnt personally take one on. they can be an expensive breed for vetinary care, especially if need operations or anything because of their breathing. dont have one unless you can afford the insurance. they are easily stolen and popular.

    if you get a pedigree, which is the best bet, ask the breeder for the parents and grandparents and ask your vet if they are too closely bred if you can find out, before you part with much money. if possible that is.

    the best pugs usually have a waiting list, so dont be surprised if you cant get one straight away, but it gives you time to save up for it anyhow.

    well thats just a few of my tips
    good luck.


    I want one too but I am allergic to them:cry:

    hi i breed them too and agree with the above you do only get what you pay for. i'm an accredited breeder and so have to adhere to guidelines from the kennel club re careful breeding whereas an awful lot of people have jumped on the financial bandwagon and breed pugs purely for financial gain.
    you'll find it very hard to get a rescue pug and i would expect to pay no less than £1000 for a dog puppy and £1200 for a bitch.
    do lots of research on the breed as pugs are different from other breeds and although not an expensive breed to keep after the initial purchase, you could incur expensive vet bills if you have eye problems for example, as they're prone to damaging them due to the eye being prominent on the face.
    what i will say is that once you've had a pug you'll want more, they are just the most loving of dogs with fantastic natures who will follow you to the end of the earth and back just to be by your side!
    start saving up if you're serious one won't be enough :thumbsup:

    You can have your very own FREE PUG here : :-D…swf

    my best mate has one,
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