Wanting Computer Memory cheap as possible

    Hi all ,

    I am looking for some cheap but "new" computer memory & also a cheap OEM edition of Microsoft Windows XP SP1 & SP2.

    256mb pc 100sdram x 2


    512mb pc 100sdram x 1


    256mb pc 133sdram x 2


    512mb pc 133sdram x 1

    I have search but cheapest I can seem to get it is around the £30 mark.

    Can or has anybody found this cheaper?

    TIA to all who reply :thumbsup:


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    Have updated original post to include wanting cheap OEM edition of Microsoft Windows XP with SP1 & SP2.

    If anyone can help me that would be fantastic. :thumbsup:


    There was a link in one of the computer threads on here to a nice cheap site that did loads of older ram. I have searched but can't find it. Maybe the person who posted it will read this and help you.

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    thanks for your reply beerman1 :thumbsup:

    Will also try a search for it.

    cheers :thumbsup:

    iv got some 128mb pc100 ram!

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    Hi insideman:)

    Thank you very much for the offer but have that already & trying to upgrade a very old computer with XP & 512mb ram.

    It is just for the person to use for surfing the internet, playing a few games & talking to others on msn messenger.

    Hey but thanks anyway :thumbsup:

    Can anybody else find the link beerman1 was on about?
    I looked as well but could not find it.

    Any help will be praised very highly :giggle:

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    Giving it one more try before giving up on this request. :oops:

    If anyone can help me please please do so as this is to help a disabled person upgrade thier computer as they don't have much money.

    TIA to all. :thumbsup:

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    Thanks markwills for the link but can get it cheaper elsewhere but would like to thank you for your time & effort though. :thumbsup:

    Trying to keep cost down for this person as it's part of thier contact to the big wide world.

    try get some 2nd hand RAM off ebay? prob ur best bet

    Might be worth picking up a copy of Micromart next time you're in the newsagents.People advertise old pc components in there,you may be able to pick something up cheap.:)

    Just had a look on ebay and if you do a search for "pc133 512" then there's a load of auctions that come up with memory selling quite a good price.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks to all that have posted so far :thumbsup:

    Looks like i will have to go for second hand memory as you say, not quite what I wanted but i hope it works ok.

    Anybody know where to get OEM edition of Microsoft Windows XP SP1 & SP2 cheaper than £50?

    Thanks again in advance for all replies :thumbsup:
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