Wanting some new headphones. Are these any good?

    I missed out last week on the Sennheiser headphones from Amazon for £10. I am looking at getting some to hook up to my PC but also to my ipod for when i am travelling.

    I listen to trance music so would benefit from some headphones with good bass and that shut out every bit of outside noise.

    I'd be looking to pay around £15 but would pay a bit more if they ar worth it. Any ideas guys?

    Have seen the following on but dont really know what specs i am looking for.…tml

    Thanks to all replies


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    Yeah was just wondering if there were any other decent ones out there. I know sennheiser are a top make and would be willing to pay more than £15 if i knew it was going to be worth it.

    Sony make great headphones, and at £15 for these cans you cant really go wrong.

    my sennheiser are great but don't believe all the hype mate, people like to concentrate on one particular product/brand and just "rubbish" everything else.

    personally im waiting on some couchers to arrive for amazon and then im buying some seinheiser cx-300 earphones...have had fantastic reviews and look the part..they are in-ear tho have good bass reviews
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