Wanting the Samsung i8510 wheres cheapest?

    Hi all,

    Im wanting the Samsung i8510 where is the best deal for this? I can get it for £35 a month 18 month contract - hopingg to get cheaper though

    Also is this a good phone - seems it but i dnt know much about phones.


    £30/month for 18 months, £9.99 for phone at 400 mins 500 texts O2.

    pretty decent phone it is, havent used much of the software yet, waiting till 19th for my web bolt on to kick in.
    but before that, i like the way it asks for how you would like to connect to the internet, so can choose the wifi option and be sure it will not connect to 3G or GPRS and get a huge bill.

    Moved to deal requests.

    ] also have this phone for FREE on o2's £35 per month tariff for 18 months. You get 600 any time, any network minutes and unlimited texts each month. offer, on top of this, 7 months "half-price" line rental via cashback, meaning that you'll get £122.50 back and it'll work out at just over £28 per month!!

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    Nice - So are a trusted site?

    i was just going to go to Carphone warehouse.

    mug - Wifi is the free optiuon isnt it? - so i dnt need to pay to go online etc? How much is it for GPS?

    mobiles is part of cpw

    yeah wifi is free aslong as its wifi in your home, so no need to pay if you have wireless internet. GPS to locate you is also free, but for the likes of google maps you need to use GPRS or 3G which incur costs, as they need to download the maps, if however you buy maps for a GPS software you will not need to download data and will not cost you, unless you want realtime info like traffic alerts etc.
    currently only GPS software that i know that work are route66 and copilot.....would love to get garmin xt on as it will only costs £45 for software and latest maps, but reports are it does not work

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    Alright thanks

    Yeah i was told that i could connect for free in like mcdonalds and weatherspoons etc.

    I think i may actually order from however will i be able to collect the phone from cpw?


    not sure about being able to collect from cpw, but order in next 4 mins get it delivered 2morrow.....£35 cashback too if you go thru your fav cashback site

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    I will be ordering on my dads card - therefore will i need to sign upto quidco with his card?


    dont need to sign up a card for cashback sites, just sign up, clear your cookies, log in and click thru the link, and buy as usual

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    Never knew that - will look into it now - because if i get the £35 quid thats a moth paid for

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    Does this seem like the best way to go...

    Samsung i8510 Clearance Phone

    £30.00 a month with 7 month 1/2 price

    Orange Dolphin 400mins and unlimited texts

    Order through Quidco so i get £40 back

    The only thing is that its clearance??

    if you are happy with a clearance item and claiming the cashback at months 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18, then its a good deal.

    clearance phones are those that have been sent back becuase people didnt want/like it no more, most should be in tip top condition though
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