Wanting to build my own PC...

    Basically i want to build my own computer...however i have never built a computer before or any other electrical device, however im not a moron with things like this and im quite technical.

    I've been looking at the novatech barebones bundles and i looking to spend £300 or less, also i would a computer i could upgrade well into the future.

    Im wanting to do this because of about 3-4 months with nothing to do...

    Do you guys have any tips or advice or pieces of knowledge I need to know?
    Plus what kind of system would i be looking at?
    Are there any other Shops/websites that sell these bare bones bundles


    have you ever been inside a pc before?

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    Yeah i've had a look around fiddle around, my vga input was out of place so i put it in the right place, i've replaced the bios battery too, thats about it
    I recognise the basic things inside a desktop like the, disc drives, hard drive, motherboard

    they are easier to build then a few years ago..

    personally before you go and buy everything i would get an old computer, strip it out and rebuild it. Gives you an idea of how it goes together and what order things should be done in. Otherwise if you have a new PC and you break it then you are not going to be happy!!

    What spec you build depends on what you use it for,

    I agree with tonyg. Are you going to be playing games that need a seperate graphics otherwise onboard graphics will do. Similar with sound.

    main thing to look out for is static when putting it together. Can fry all your equipment. You can get an anti-static strap but I didn't use one when I made mine and it was fine. Just make sure to ground yourself every so often


    Don´t do it.

    See here

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    I have an old pc from 2003, I may start on that when i have time however it doesn't even boot up anymore,

    Yeah i'll be playing games i dont want something that with amazing graphics, but something with quite good graphics, I'd want one with separate graphics, and like where i could change/upgrade most parts of it separately


    Don´t do it.See here

    Haha ive just read this

    Aria is what a friend uses for parts.
    don't go cheap on power-supply.

    I know you've never done it before, but 3-4 months is a long time......... hour or so should suffice

    It's easy, the most confusing thing you will find is plugging all the cables from the PSU /case into the motherboard and even then most motherboards have most things labelled besides the sockets and if not on the board the manual will have everything labelled and detail.

    Plus loads of guides and videos out there.

    The most important thing I learnt would be never to cheap out on the PSU, probably the most important components, don't think oh I can get a 700w one for £30 it must be really good, wrong. Only stick to the quality brands for PSUs, they're more expensive for a reason... And to calculate what kind wattage you need use this…jsp
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