Wanting to buy 3 yes thats 3 new Nikon cameras for people for xmas please help!!

    Hi fellow deal searchers.....this is actually my first post and i hope that it is not misplaced or inappropriate or anything else negative!!

    As apparantly I'm some sort of 'deal/bargain Queen!'....(have vowed never to gloat about my finds to anyone else ever agin!!)....there are 3 people that want to but three Nikon cameras for them for is a Nikon D40...another a Nikon D90 and the other a Nikon D700...all with a lens....all brand new.!...I figured (rightly or wrongly!) that by buying all 3 at the sale time would be more financially beneficially, however, not having gone for multiple packages like this i'm not sure where to look or how to go about it!

    Would greatly appreciate any assistance with this matter!!

    many thanks for your 'expected' lol assistance and for actually reading this message!!

    and which category are cameras in anyway???


    I think your best bet would be to go to Jessops armed with the lowest prices that you can find for each of the individual cameras and try to strike a deal with them. If they know you can get them elsewhere cheaper then they are normally willing to listen.


    I would buy from a shop rather than an online retailer as they may be able to offer discount as you are buying all 3. If they dont offer discount then walk out and try somewhere else

    yeah, might be able to haggle if its three you want! good luck x

    Original Poster

    Booo...i hear what you're saying about haggling etc, i've seen the tv doc's about never accepting the fisrt price etc...but it really doesn't come easy to me!!..even in countries where you are expected to haggle, i've found impossible!..why can't they just come up with a marketing strategy that says the more you buy the greater the discount?
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