Wanting to buy a Smartphone For under £80?!

Found 8th Aug 2017
was going for the K8 LG but cant get one now as the £64.99 ones have sold out everywhere so looking again for one under £80 due to budget.

not sure if android will update to latest version on Moto E2nd and 3rd though which seem to be at a good price on ebay...

Aint got time to get one from usa
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Get a samsung s6 off ebay for about 100...bit over your budget but well worth it
Why would anyone buy from Usa ?
just the stats ive read on ukdeals involving the xiaomi phones etc are awesome and so much cheaper than paying 100s for a dam phone lol.

But anyway im going for a LG k8 for £79.99 at argos its best i can get at short notice and it does everything my kid wants so all is cool, thanks for the reply.

Which is a realiable source on Ebay to get an o2 Phone unlocked, think i have to buy a top up though
Did you pay online to collect fast track. You can avoid the cost of a top up. Unless Argos have got wise to that?.
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