Wanting to cancel sale on viagogo

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Posted 6th Oct 2017
I put 2 tickets for sale on the website 2 days ago and it was sold after a few hours. I confirmed the sale and wanted to ship the tickets over. After reading a lot of negative reviews, I had second thoughts. I sent them a message on why will I only be paid 5-8 working days after the event, not when the buyer receives them. Their reply was that it is to gurantee the tickets are valid and the buyer is not denied entry on the day of event. so my next question is how are they going to know if the buyer successfully gains entry. And their reply was investigations will be done. So why is it my responsibility that the buyer must go to the event having bought the tickets? I am responsible in delivering legitimate tickets to the buyer not responsible for them going to the event. what if the buyer got the tickets and did not want to go the event, and claims that he/she was denied entry after the event. Then I will be on the losing end of having the tickets nullified and not getting any payment whereas the buyer will get a refund.
I asked them the exact questions and all i got was a standard template reply, which I can even memorize after reading their clauses repeatedly. So the event is in 3 months I will only have to ship them by the end of December, there is plenty of time for the buyer to get another ticket. So I ask for the ticket to be cancelled without adhering to the clause of paying the replacement fee for the buyer. And again, the same standard template reply that it is their viagogo buyer guarantee, seller need to bear the cost blah blah blah, which I could read from the T&C myself.
So now, if I cancel my sale, how are they going to charge me if I removed my bank and credit card details and address from my account? I am okay with paying for the cancellation charge but to pay the additional cost for the replacement of ticket, that is complete nonsense because there is still so much time for the buyer to purchase another ticket on the website.

Have anyone dealt with this issue and can anybody help with what I am facing currently?
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