Wanting to restore a motorbike - Where to start?

    Im going to be going to a local uni after the summer meaning ill be living at home. Im interested in restoring a motorbike or an old car.

    Does anyone know where to start?

    Prefibly i'd be interested in getting a 125cc bike to restore meaning if i wanted to then i could ride it round legally.

    Im mainly interested in doing this for a bit of fun, to find out how to do it and possibly to make some money.

    Has anyone done it before? Does it cost a lot, if so how much? Are many tools need, if so which ones?




    Buy a bike first :thumbsup:

    Foosball Chum;2747212

    Buy a bike first :thumbsup:

    buy a car...... live longer


    buy a car...... live longer

    but you don't have as much fun :-D


    buy a new one save the hassle

    depending on your capabilities you need to decide what bike you want. if your uncomfortable with electronics your going to want to avoid newer bikes and go for an old one. assuming this is the first bike that you will be restoring i'd for something old and probably a two stroke (may be a yamaha tzr125 - the r version if you can get one cheap), these are going to be the simplest bikes out there, plus you wont waste so much money if you decide to give up.

    if you complete the restore than you'll probably feel more comfortable and could try a more complicated bike.

    think when i was fixing my bike the only tools i needed was a socket set, some spanners and some screwdrivers. these can set you back a fair bit, but again i'd suggest buying a cheaper ones and then you havent got to much invested

    Tools might be a good start

    buy a new one, damage it and then have the satisfaction of restoring it

    buy a new one, damage it and then have the satisfaction of restoring it

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