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Found 21st Jul 2009
As title,

Do i need to contact a mod first, would just be £2 donations from anyone who wants to, just to get a bit of extra revenue. its a well known charity.

People could also sell a few things and let people pay by donations

Is this allowed, any advice?

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no its not allowed

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no its not allowed


Any reason why not?


:xAny reason why not?

Because if it was allowed for one person then the site would be full of people asking for donations......only way round it is to suggest a donation in your location area under your avvy
(My cousin did the marathon de sables (check it out....seriously hard event!) this year and I asked if I could put a link to his justgiving page and this is the reply I got)



Charity threads are soliciting people for money. We have no resources to … Charity threads are soliciting people for money. We have no resources to put towards vetting and examining every charity thread to see if it is legit. Second, most people are coming here for deals and not to be solicited for money. There are a lot of notable causes out there but there are also a lot of better sites that meet this need.You are welcome to use the PM feature to ask your friends on HUKD if they would like to support your fundraiser.


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Ok thanks JB
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