Wanting To Start a Mobile Car Washing Business, Help Wtih Basics! (Getting Website!)

Right, not 16 yet, so virtually impossible to get a job atm, so i can see a gap in the market in my area for this. The problem is getting a website. Would anyone be able to lead the way with tips on a good cheap website. Business name would be something like Clear Reflections.

I can get most of the stuff i need off vistaprint and i'm going to post Buisness Cards with website details on so they can visit, see prices and e-mail to book a time for my team to visit!


How are you going to be 'mobile' if you're not yet old enough to drive? And if you're not driving, how will you cart all the kit that you're going to need?

Walk before you run...... theres many many considerations to take into account before you start a business, and under the age of 16 I dont think you legally can yet.

Theres a few thing that concern me, whats this gap in the market you've seen? mobile valeters are nothing new, maybe you've just never noticed them before, see how much competition you have in your area first.

Secondly, at the age of 15........ how exactly are you mobile?

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was thinking of a like belt with detergents and polish etc, as well as a backpack with stuff, and using their water supply, so we can like walk most places and get a lift if it's a bit further


was thinking of a like belt with detergents and polish etc, as well as a … was thinking of a like belt with detergents and polish etc, as well as a backpack with stuff, and using their water supply

I admire your spirit, if not your sense of realism. Nowadays you can have your car cleaned at a number of places like supermarket car parks for a fiver. That includes jet wash. Unless you're going to offer your service for less than that, the only business I can see you attracting is sympathy trade.

My advice ... seriously ... is stay at school and get some qualifications, or go to night classes and learn a skill.

If you're serious, and do believe there is a gap, then great, but a word of warning - I expect most people would rather be able to simply pull up at the car wash, have it done and sorted with minimal fuss, however if you think there's a market that will book appointments for your services etc then great. I recommend doing some market research though, perhaps talking to the people you believe are your target audience and seeing if they would actually make the effort for the car wash.

As also mentioned, most car washes are at most £5, so any more than that and you'll most likely miss out. Wax and full valet of course is extra, but you know what I mean.

For a domain name, you could use ]123reg. You'll also need to find a host I believe, and right now I can't remember the decent cheap ones. *edit* 123 DOES hosting as well, so you can use them for everything: ]Web hosting

I would agree with the above though, which is to stay in school and get some qualifications, or go to college and learn a trade or something. But it's up to you. You should also find out how much tax you'll have to pay as a sole trader (from what I remember it's classed as income tax since the trader and the business are not separate entities legally).

Just do plenty of research before spending anything. My girlfriend and I have been thinking of starting a business (in a different area) but realistically I'd rather work for someone else and earn more with less relative stress, and I'm plenty qualified for it and will be more so next year when I finish my degree

sorry mate, i admire you for wanting to get out there and start earning money for yourself but i agree with pp to stay on at school and if you still feel passionate about this in a couple of years then at least if it doesnt work you will have the qualifications to fall back on :thumbsup:


Web marketing is a waste of time for car valeting, if you just want to earn some pocket money then knocking on doors and posting leaflets is best.

As you have no transport do some research on waterless car cleaning. That's right....no water required which means you can clean cars anywhere without a water supply.

Also go to [url]www.cleanitup.co.uk[/url] as their are a few car valeters on there who wont mind sharing some tips and tricks with you.

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dcx, i've gone on microsoft, they have a domain i want, two yrs free, but they want card details for it. No problem for me, but when they wanted only mastercard or visa that is. Did you find a way past or have visa etc?


problem with this idea is that the local hoods will be using their 'car-washes' to launder their cash

step on their toes and wave bye bye to your legs

fair play to the OP for wanting getting up off his backside and do something,good example for other 15 year olds and people a lot older
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