Wanting to upgrade my Virgin Package, how to get the best deal?

    Hey guys
    I am wanting to contact Virgin to get my TV package upgraded but looking for best deal possible. I wanted to get info on what Sky are offering so I can hopefully use this to haggle, but to be honest I want to stick with Virgin as it is less hassle! Sky website is quoting around £60 plus though for this.

    I have never had a V+ Box so I am looking for that, plus all the chanels, XL TV.

    Currently I am paying around £27-28 for Broadband L and M phone
    Anyone suggest best way of getting my TV upgraded for a good price? If I could get it with my current package for under £50 that would be GREEAT!


    how long you been with virgin, if your a valued customer, then you can barter with them to get the best deal i.e. say your going to leave to sky as they offer a better package, to see what they put on the plate for you. Personally sky was a waste of time for me, picture jumps or goes fussy with sky as sat dish only good in dry conditions and no clouds for best reception, i have never had any problem what so ever with virgin in any conditions.

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    been with them since NTL so over 10 years, The problem is, I am confused over what is realistic to pay for this package, all the bundles online seem extortionate!!

    Anyone seen a good deal recently I can use to barter?

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    just off the phone with virgin, best they could offer was £59 for sky sports, movies, XL TV, LPHONE L BROADBAND and £49 to set up the V+ Box
    Can afford this, definately can only pay £50 a month max, anyone got any advice?

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    omg they are idiots
    rang bk today and now theyre quoting £67 for same deal!
    does anyone get deals from virgin?
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