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Found 8th Jul 2008
Just wondering what browsers people use when accessing the net from their mobile. I use opera mini but have been looking for a change. Leaning towards going with minimo but wondered if anyone had tried them all and which one they would recommend.
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I use MSN and Internet Explorer whenever I need to get online with my phone (which amounts to just above never).
Ahh, I didn't know there was an IE. Is it any good? Easy to navigate?

Just found it on microsoft site. Have you tried anything else to compare it with?

Ahh, I didn't know there was an IE. Is it any good? Easy to navigate?

Pretty fast. Actually I have not used others, so maybe someone might disagree. It came with the phone, and since I don't use it much, there is no issue for me with speed. It works similar to the PC version.

PS. I did use some other browser on a smartphone I used to have, but I thought IE was better and more intuitive.
May I ask what kind of phone you have?

Just I can't find a download and just wondererd if it was only available preloaded on some phones.
For the Internet I use Pocket PC M1000. I don't know what browser is installed on my Nokia 6300. My SPV used IE.
The pocket version of Internet Explorer is horrendous, I wouldn't recommend it at all - I always spent time trying to find an alternative browser. I guess the obvious question is which model of phone are you using? At the moment I tend to just use the browser built in to S60 phones, it does the job pretty well and hasn't had me looking for any alternatives. Opera Mini is well rated particularly for its speed.

I still use Opera 3 on my LG KU990, much better than the default browser, and I think it's easier to use than the new versions of Opera.
I have a w910i though hope to change soon. Think i'll just experiment with a few.
With a non-smartphone your options are going to be relatively limited unfortunately, I'd be surprised if you can find anything better than Opera Mini for it.

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