Posted 24th Jan 2021…mp3

Librivox recording of War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells. Read by Rebecca.

Thanks to Boz (LOTR post) and I also revisited This version of War of the Worlds and they also have the original radio broadcast. Old but both great to listen to in my opinion. Worth a try.

War of the Worlds by Herbert George Wells (H.G. Wells) was published in 1898 at a time when he wrote a series of novels related to a number of historical events of the time. The most important of these was the unification and militarization of Germany. The story, written in a semi-documentary style, is told in the first person by an unnamed observer. It tells of the events which happen mostly in London and the county of Surrey, England, when a number of vessels manned by aliens are fired from Mars and land on Earth. (Summary by Rebecca)
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