Warhammer Mortal Realms Issue 1 - £35 of Miniatures for £2.99!

Posted 13th Jan 2020Edited by:"johnrichardson1980"
I know part-works get a bad rap, but have a look at this.


Games Workshop, in partnership with Hachette, have released a new part-work magazine. This first issue, is absolutely blinding value.

For £2.99 you get the following:
6 Dice
Enormous Poster
Issue 1 of the magazine - this includes instructions of how to play a basic game
3 x Stormcast Eternals Sequitors (Good guys) - worth £10 if purchased from GW.
10 x Nighthaunt Chainrasps (Bad guys) - worth £25 if purchased from GW.

This is enough to play a basic game and maybe get you hooked!

Next issue has around £10 worth of miniatures and a pot of paint (£2.50ish) for £5.99.

Regular price is £7.99 - but it looks like nearly all issues have miniatures, paint or scenery worth more than that.

So, if Warhammer is your bag, an awesome value top up. If you're curious, a brilliant little introduction to the game for not very much money.

So far I've seen them in WH Smiths (not at railway stations/airports) and Warhammer stores.

Be quick though, scalpers are already buying in bulk to break apart and sell online at a profit!
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