Warhammer Mortal Realms Issue 1 - £35 of Miniatures for £2.99!

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I know part-works get a bad rap, but have a look at this.


Games Workshop, in partnership with Hachette, have released a new part-work magazine. This first issue, is absolutely blinding value.

For £2.99 you get the following:
6 Dice
Enormous Poster
Issue 1 of the magazine - this includes instructions of how to play a basic game
3 x Stormcast Eternals Sequitors (Good guys) - worth £10 if purchased from GW.
10 x Nighthaunt Chainrasps (Bad guys) - worth £25 if purchased from GW.

This is enough to play a basic game and maybe get you hooked!

Next issue has around £10 worth of miniatures and a pot of paint (£2.50ish) for £5.99.

Regular price is £7.99 - but it looks like nearly all issues have miniatures, paint or scenery worth more than that.

So, if Warhammer is your bag, an awesome value top up. If you're curious, a brilliant little introduction to the game for not very much money.

So far I've seen them in WH Smiths (not at railway stations/airports) and Warhammer stores.

Be quick though, scalpers are already buying in bulk to break apart and sell online at a profit!
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Can it be bought online
I've a sneaking suspicion that they'll keep giving decent value items but that they'll try to go as long as possible without quite giving you everything you'd need to actually play a game unless you spend money at GW (if starting from scratch).
BadMF - yes, I've seen it at Forbidden Planet's site. You can also buy it direct from Hatchette, but you'll need to subscribe.

abigsmurf - you're probably right. I'm a complete novice to the game, but it is something that's intrigued me for years. You certainly can't play a full game with Issue 1, but it's enough to introduce the basic combat mechanics. My understanding is that each issue comes with a battle plan that introduces new game mechanics and that you slowly build up from there. I think that I'll be dipping in and out of this as individual issues interest me (the scenery, for example, may be particularly good value?) and that I'll take the plunge and get the game proper at some point (soon, if funds and better half permit!). Kids are interested and having a go at painting as well.
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