Warhammer Vermintide - Death on the Reik is free on PSN

Found 5th Jul
This has been free for a good while but I only noticed it there now. It's the 4th DLC for Vermintide - 2 maps and a special weapon.
I didn't think it was worth posting as a deal as it's only DLC, but hopefully it's useful to someone.


“I’ve been robbed! Can’t trust anyone around here”

The unthinkable has happened! One of the Inn Keeper’s men has stolen some of his dangerous books and run off, with the Skaven in hot pursuit. It’s up to our heroes to find and burn the threatening articles before they fall into enemy hands.

Pursue the thief through the Reikwald Forest, fighting off the Skaven that are in hot pursuit of him. Then proceed along the The River Reik as you attempt to catch up to the barge Dawnrunner, capture the thief and destroy the books before it’s too late.

In this pack you will also get the Ceremonial Dagger for Sienna Fuegonasus, a fiery blade that allows her to ignite her foes with.'
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Thanks, was unaware of this.
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