Warm homes discount

Found 12th Sep 2017
Applied last week for warm homes discount , got a shock its been paid into my Sainsburys energy account today.£140
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Well done!
Woah.. congrats! If I've not heard within a week or two I'll be on to them
I was surprised, I had went online to check my bill knew that I was in credit but when I saw that I had over £300 phoned them to be told that the warm homes had been credited yesterday 7 days after I had applied I was over the moon .Did not think that it would go in until Dec/Jan ..Also as I have smart meters got an up to date (today ) bill .For me smart meters have been an eye opener to what runs up the bill .
How did you apply for it?
Any double glazing green deals around?
I'm not overly impressed with British Gas, as this year they've changed the online form from a 'tick-box' to one where you now have to send photocopies of everything.

Makes it more difficult, also unless I've misread it they require a Dr's note listing medical complaints, (which last one I got cost I think £15).

It's hard work for me as I can't see so good and I'm just not going to bother with it, too much hassle!
I phoned them .was told we may ask for proof of entitlement ie photocopies of benefits .but they have not done so
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