Warm or Cool LED lights in bathroom and kitchen what do you have in yours?

    Looking at replacing all the halogen lights in kitchen and bathroom and can not decided whether to get warm or cool white LEDS?

    What do you have in yours?


    I had warm in the kitchen and didn't find them bright enough. The cool white were a more intense brightness and much better suited to food prep, reading labels etc. Warm should be fine for the bathroom though.

    Warm for both, you could get away with cool for the kitchen but IMO cool is only good for the bathroom at home

    WARM - Rooms for relaxing in (lounge, dinning room, bedroom etc) > 2700 - 3000k

    COOL - Rooms you work in for short or long periods (kitchen and bathroom) > 3500k - 4500k

    Warm. I put cool white in both my bathrooms and although it makes the bathroom furniture look whiter it doesn't make me want to linger in the bath and I also find it harder to put my makeup on!

    Depends how clear you want to see the person you are sharing the bath with!

    warm . cool bulbs are too bright and look artificial

    Cool LED's never look good anywhere in my personal opinion, the only place I have a Cool LED fitted is in the fridge.

    Warm white LED's are always much more attractive to look at and offer a nicer looking light source.

    The light given off from Cool white LED's always reminds me of the horrible light those office/home fluorescent lighting tubes from the 70's used to give off but without the flickering.

    Cool LED's should be banned like the old candescent bulbs
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    Have cool in the kitchen - they have a very bright white light, bit too much to be honest, but you can definitely see.

    Cool for kitchen

    cool for both

    Have just replaced the low power bulbs to these (warm light, ip44)Fitted Thursday. Well impressed with how bright they are. Ordered straight away another 2 for the kitchen, came ths morning and now fitted...... wow, they are good and only 18w

    cool in both, looks more sanitary and brighter

    If you are fitting gu10 bulbs, there are colour changing led ones that can do about three or four options of white, and can remember your choice. Sadly I cannot remember who makes them.

    Why not have both? A few warm on 1 switch to have on in the evening and another switch with cool white for when you need the daylight light for working. Splitting the down lights on 2 switches is always a good idea. Why some people want the lot on one switch I think is a mistake.

    My eyesight has rapidly deteriorated in the last year. Went from Halogen in kitchen to cool LED - and will be doing so in bathroom once it goes through its revamp.

    I love the cool white, really has heightened up my bathrooms and kitchen

    Just had our kitchen done ..fitted Selectric led down lights ...they are tri-colour and by flicking the light switch they cycle through Warm light, Cool Light and Daylight. We banked the lights in two zones, one over food prep area another over eating area. They remember the last setting you used when you switch on next time. We find the brighter ones are excellent in the 'food' area but prefer the warm light when eating at the table as there is less glare. We also fitted led strip lights (individually switched on each) under the wall cabinets...if all works well with lots of choice depending on day/night and time of year ambient light.
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