Warning about overheating microSD reader

Found 12th Jul 2008
I received a DSTT card today and just used the card reader that came with it. When I removed it from the USB hub it was exremely hot! None of the other usb ports are affected. Though the SD card was not damaged, I think it could have been if left any longer in the reader. It was the reader rather than the card that overheated. Not going to use this reader again. Be careful if you have one of these.
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It was the blue version of the reader
Had that with a PNY card I bought from play.com. Was shocked at how hot it was when I tried to remove it.
The reader i got with my M3 simply is the same.
Different model but it gets VERY hot. I always try to put stuff on/take it off
as fast as possible....
I usually use my multislot reader, but thought I'd give this one a go. Never again. Not only was it hot, it smelled hot too!

It was the blue version of the reader

No matter what the colour, they are all the same. Stay well clear.

Some flashcarts have better ones than the others.

I have a card reader in my P.C. I also bought a USB one from DX for about £2.50

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